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READY-TO-WEAR. Hair Systems.

Halo Hair provides Ready-To-Wear hair systems and also provides haircut services at no cost. It’s totally free.

No need to visit a hairdresser or hair replacement specialist to get a costly haircut service. Halo Hair offers an absolutely free haircut service. Our specialists will cut the hairs on the system perfectly.

If you have a current Hair System you like, just let us know the length of the front section, sides section, top section, and back section. That is all we need; our specialists will cut to that length and, most importantly, razor blend the back and sides to blend perfectly into your own existing hair and send it to your doorstep.

Simply apply any Hair System Tape or Liquid/Adhesive to the hair system, wear it by yourself at home, and make any style according to the length of the hair.

ready-to-wear hair systems